When I am elected to the Citrus College Board of Trustees I will: 

  1. Work tirelessly to increase student retention and success rates. 

  2. Hire Black and Latinx professors and administrators to reflect the communities they serve. 

  3. Fully fund an Ethnic and Genders Studies College that focuses on the historical and contemporary experiences of women, African Americans, Asian Americans, Middle Easterners, South Asians, Latinx, and Native Americans and the LGBTQ+ community.  

  4. Expand dual-enrollment and early college at Claremont Unified for CHS and San Antonio High School. 

  5. Double the number of crisis counselors to support students struggling with mental health. 

  6. Expand internet parking for students to do their online classwork and tests during the pandemic in the safety of their cars while maintaining social distance to gain access to Citrus College wifi.

  7. Open the campus shower facilities for students experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. 

  8. Work with regional partners and local governments to expand affordable housing for students by committing general fund dollars to build housing units for students experiencing homelessness. HOUSING SECURITY EQUALS EDUCATION SECURITY!

  9. In partnership with Claremont Unified and through the Citrus College Disabled Student Programs and Services create a transition program that focuses on academic assistance, work experience and transition skills. 

  10. To bring our carbon footprint down by meeting the goals outlined in the Citrus College Sustainability Plan.

  11. Strategically coordinate to address the budgetary and structural challenges caused by the COVID crisis.  

  12. Ensure Citrus College seeks out public and private funding to scale instruction programs that train essential workers and first responders. 

  13. Designate campus space for Cultural Centers that promotes diversity interactions between students, faculty, and administrators to advance mentorship and relationship building.

  14. Upon passage this November, allocate Measure Y resources to fully fund a Veterans Success Center. 

  15. Streamline communication between staff, teachers, and management to better serve our students.